RV Repair and Service can cost up to $125 an hour.  But what if you could take a one day owners course to learn all about your recreational vehicle and how to perform basic service maintenance and repair?

Our one day Owner's Maintenance Course allows YOU to do all the work, while our Master Certified RV Technician supervises. You not only learn how to diagnose  and repair minor problems, you will retain the information better because you did it yourself!

The Owner's Maintenance Course covers:

RV Safety - Fire extinguishers, AC and DC electrical systems, jacks, blocking, LP gas systems

Plumbing - How to check for water leaks, how to manage water pressure, check or replace hoses, tank additives that can make your system work more smoothly, filing and draining tanks, sanitizing your potable water system, tank monitor problems and cures.

LP Gas - The safe operation and handling of LP gas systems

Heating Systems -Including inlet and exhaust, thermostat issues, service and troubleshooting.

Electricity - How to test your electrical systems, including the AC panel and circuit breakers, fuses, charging and maintaining deep battery care,  types of current flow, how to use a multimeter.

Appliances and Accessories - Awnings, antennas, electric steps, leveling systems, cooking appliances.

Absorber Refrigerators - Service and troubleshooting to make sure your system runs properly.

Generators - Service and troubleshooting, tune-ups and service, including oil and filters, plugs and points.

Air Conditioning Units - How to service roof top air conditioning

Tires - Care and inflation.

Body Care - Washing and waxing, roof and screen repair, wall and floor repair

Torquing - How much to torque and not to torque

Winterization - focusing on your vehicle's plumbing system and how to use your water pump to fill the water lines with RV antifreeze, and how to de-winterize again in the spring.

RV Maintenance Manuals - What you need to know about the care and maintenance of your RV according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Classes take approximately four to six hours, depending on your skill level.  If you are a brand new RV owner, you may need more help than someone who is familiar with a recreational vehicle but who wants to learn more about how to care for their RV.  

Classes can be adjusted to suit your particular needs, so be sure to ask our technician to show you what you want to know.


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